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I have always been a sporty person. I grew up rock climbing and playing basketball, as well as delving into a plethora of other sports. I grew apart from basketball in my late teenage years and took up up karate, kickboxing and jiu jitsu. I carried that on until I went to Chichester University at the age of 19 where I studied Sport and Exercise Science. At University I decided to go back to playing basketball to be part of a team.

I qualified as a personal trainer in 2005 and have worked in the industry since then. I worked for myself to begin with, then carried on when at I was at Chichester, working in the university gym. When I graduated I went on to work on cruise ships, personal training and teaching classes on the Fred Olsen and P&O liners.
I returned to my hometown of Lewes, where I worked at a small independent gym for about a year before I headed off to travel Australia in 2012. In the first year I mostly travelled, working on various farms. In my 2nd year of travelling I settled In Melbourne. I was lucky enough to land a personal training job. I worked in one of the suburbs for 2 different gyms in the last year of my travels in Australia. I made my way back to the UK via south east Asia over the course of 3 months.

After travelling I settled back down in England and I started up at Alive Gym and began BennyFit in 2014.

In Australia I was lucky enough to work with one of the best powerlifters in Australia. I hadn't really heard much about powerlifting, but after discovering what it was I've gotten more and more interested in training in it. After dipping my toes in for about 2 years, I finally jumped in and started properly training in powerlifting and got myself a coach in May 2016. Since then I have entered my 2 powerlifting competitions and plan on competing in more. In the summer of 2017 I also qualified as a Powerlifting Coach.

BennyFit Deadlift 190kg
BennyFit Squat 155kg

March 2017, 2nd ever competition. Deadlifting 190kg. Sergei, of Dynamo Hove, my powerlifting coach, in the background.
If making faces was part of the competition I'd be number 1!

November 2016, 1st ever competition. Bottom of my 155kg squat. It's a long way back up! Always nice to have the spotters there, just in case.

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