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  1. How to: Deficit deadlift in a sumo stance
  2. How to: Conventional deadlift block pull
  3. How to: Kettlebell swing
  4. How to: Bentover Barbell Row
  5. Pin row: a bentover row variation
  6. How to: conventional deadlift
  7. 2 examples of good hip stretches
  8. How to: Sumo Deadlift
  9. High bar vs Low bar squat
  10. How to: Chest Press
  11. Basic Instruction for the Sumo Deadlift
  12. How to: Kettlebell Swaps
  13. How to: Bench Press
  14. How to: Ab Rollout
  15. How to: Goblet Squat
  16. BennyFit: Training with the Pros
  17. Gym Hack For Neck Tension
  1. Me teaching a client gym ring exercises
  2. Teaching a pilates class
  3. Teaching how to use the barbell in the squat rack
  4. Chest press with me in the background spotting the client
  5. Me smiling at the camera whilst teaching a client how to back squat
  6. Taking a client through the gym ring pullup
  7. Spotting the bench press out of the squat rack
  8. Instructing the dumbbell pullover with a client, handing over the dumbbell