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Personal Training with BennyFit

Feel the Benefit
Welcome to your healthier, fitter and happier life. Working with me, you will get to your desired goals.

I specialise in:

- Muscle gain
- Fat loss
- Posture improvement
- Technique instruction and form checks
- Macro recommendations for your nutrition
- Making sure you enjoy your workouts!

Paired training is available. It works out cheaper and you get to motivate one another.

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What you will get training with BennyFit

Expert 1 to 1 instruction
Bespoke programming tailored to your goals and abilities
Record keeping of your workouts
Detailed videos, pictures and instructions via email
Nutritional advice, as well as calorie and macro recommendations
Video analysis to help technique
24/7 email support
Advanced Personal Trainer
Degree in Sport and Exercise Science
Powerlifting Coach
Strength and Conditioning Coach Pilates Instructor
Boxing Padwork
Most importantly, not only will you get training that provides results,
but you will also enjoy your training with me!

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Pilates is performed slowly and methodically. It focuses around the core musculature. Most of our movements start from our core, it should be in everyone's interest to strengthen this muscle group. It will benefit you in all other aspects of fitness,

8pm Wednesdays @ Alive Gym

It is suitable for all levels and is particularly useful for those with back problems. It has a lot of movements that help to support the back.

Because of my background in strength training, I apply this in my Pilates class and you will get a unique approach to Pilates and get stronger in a much more efficient manner.

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