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Give the Gift Of Fitness

Gift certificates are available upon request. These are priced at the normal £45 p/h and can be purchased for multiple sessions. Please contact me for details.
  1. £45
    We will go through goal setting, your current fitness routine, fill out forms and also complete a mini-workout so you get to see how I work and we can see how we go from there.
    Initial consultation and mini-workout
  2. £45
    Pay as you go training. Evidence-based training getting you to your goals. You don't have to be a member at Alive Gym to train with me.
    Personal training per hour
  3. £30
    These are good for those who are stuck for time.
    Personal training per half hour
  4. £60
    Train with a friend and get some big savings. Use sessions like these to motivate one another outside of the gym too! If only one of you can make it, it's £45 for the session.
    Paired personal training
  5. £425
    Only available if you've never trained with me before. Save £25 from the pay as you go prices. These expire 3 months from the time you paid. After all 10 are used, you will go to the PAYG prices.
    Block of 10 sessions
  6. £50 per hour, 30 min sessions are £35
    Bookings between 6-7am are when the gym isn't open. You can book in for these to guarantee a private session. Occasionally another personal trainer might be in with their client.
    Early morning private session
This list is subject to change