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Feel the Benefit
Welcome to your happier, stronger and more confident life. Working with us, you will get to your desired goals.
When I was young I was very skinny. You could see all my ribs. I was very weak. Unable to lift the weights I wanted to lift. I was a 'hard gainer'; I found it hard to put on muscle.

I qualified as a personal trainer in 2005.

I finally structured my workouts.

I finally started to eat properly. I got my weight up from 58kg to 67kg in around 9 months time.

Then, I discovered Powerlifting and actually got strong.

When I started out I weighed 58kg, and barely able to bench press 50kg. When I got into Powerlifting I weighed in at 82kg, and bench pressed 102.5kg in my first Powerlifting competition.

I've squatted 162.5kg and deadlifted 190kg. These were big numbers for scrawny me.
I qualified as a British Powerlifting Coach in 2016.

I was a bit tubby at 82kg. Considering I grew up skinny, this was strange for me.

I honed in on my nutrition, now I weigh 74kg of lean mass and have kept my strength up.

Now it's your turn to let me help you get strong, and stay lean.

You will get strong. Really strong. If you let me help you.

The way I train people means you are empowered. You understand why you're doing it.

You won't train 6x a week and eat 10,000 calories a day like the magazines tell you to. Because, that's plain wrong. You'll end up fat and injured.

Fill in the consultation form at the bottom of the page and I can get started on getting you strong.

What you will get training with Ben

  • Expert instruction
  • Bespoke programming tailored to your goals and abilities
  • Record keeping of your workouts
  • Detailed videos, pictures and instructions via email
  • Nutritional advice, as well as calorie and macro recommendations
  • Video analysis to help technique
  • 24/7 email support
  • Results
  • Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • Degree in Sport and Exercise Science
  • British Powerlifting Coach
  • Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • Boxing Padwork
  • ​PT nutrition
Most importantly, not only will you get training that provides results,
but you will also enjoy your training with Ben!

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